Source code for requests_cache.serializers.cattrs

Utilities to break down :py:class:`.CachedResponse` objects into a dict of python builtin types
using `cattrs <>`_. This does the majority of the work needed for any
serialization format.

.. automodsumm:: requests_cache.serializers.cattrs

.. automodsumm:: requests_cache.serializers.cattrs
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from typing import Callable, Dict, ForwardRef, MutableMapping

from cattr import GenConverter
from requests.cookies import RequestsCookieJar, cookiejar_from_dict
from requests.structures import CaseInsensitiveDict
from urllib3._collections import HTTPHeaderDict

from ..models import CachedResponse
from .pipeline import Stage

[docs]class CattrStage(Stage): """Base serializer class that does pre/post-processing with ``cattrs``. This can be used either on its own, or as a stage within a :py:class:`.SerializerPipeline`. """ def __init__(self, factory: Callable[..., GenConverter] = None): self.converter = init_converter(factory)
[docs] def dumps(self, value: CachedResponse) -> Dict: if not isinstance(value, CachedResponse): return value return self.converter.unstructure(value)
[docs] def loads(self, value: Dict) -> CachedResponse: if not isinstance(value, MutableMapping): return value return self.converter.structure(value, cl=CachedResponse)
[docs]def init_converter(factory: Callable[..., GenConverter] = None): """Make a converter to structure and unstructure nested objects within a :py:class:`.CachedResponse`""" factory = factory or GenConverter converter = factory(omit_if_default=True) # Convert datetimes to and from iso-formatted strings converter.register_unstructure_hook(datetime, lambda obj: obj.isoformat() if obj else None) # type: ignore converter.register_structure_hook(datetime, _to_datetime) # Convert timedeltas to and from float values in seconds converter.register_unstructure_hook(timedelta, lambda obj: obj.total_seconds() if obj else None) # type: ignore converter.register_structure_hook(timedelta, _to_timedelta) # Convert dict-like objects to and from plain dicts converter.register_unstructure_hook(RequestsCookieJar, lambda obj: dict(obj.items())) # type: ignore converter.register_structure_hook(RequestsCookieJar, lambda obj, cls: cookiejar_from_dict(obj)) converter.register_unstructure_hook(CaseInsensitiveDict, dict) converter.register_structure_hook( CaseInsensitiveDict, lambda obj, cls: CaseInsensitiveDict(obj) ) converter.register_unstructure_hook(HTTPHeaderDict, dict) converter.register_structure_hook(HTTPHeaderDict, lambda obj, cls: HTTPHeaderDict(obj)) # Tell cattrs to resolve forward references (required for CachedResponse.history) converter.register_structure_hook_func( lambda cls: cls.__class__ is ForwardRef, lambda obj, cls: converter.structure(obj, cls.__forward_value__), ) return converter
def _to_datetime(obj, cls) -> datetime: if isinstance(obj, str): obj = datetime.fromisoformat(obj) return obj def _to_timedelta(obj, cls) -> timedelta: if isinstance(obj, (int, float)): obj = timedelta(seconds=obj) return obj